au revoir :(

all of the other assistant blogs i've been following this year have started posting their last goodbyes, so as much as i've wanted to put it off i guess its about time. 


i'm thinking of starting another blog, because i've loved sharing my travel experiences here in Europe so much...but will there be enough to write about in Connecticut?

so much love

anyways, thank you to everyone who has read this the past year! i cannot, seriously cannot, believe that it's over. the whole year went by faster than i could have imagined! 


i started typing this up back in march, so let's get sentimental:

- Stuff I can bring back with me to USA: un carafe d’eau, wine jug/pichet/carafe on table, tables set nicely, cheese course at end of meal, apertif (vermouth, champagne, fino, sherry and any still, dry, light white wine), amuse-bouche (crackers, cheese, pâté or olives), digestif/café, the word “truc”, saying bon appétit before eating a meal, never leaving the house in sweats or dressed sloppily unless i'm going to the gym, walking a lot, shopping every couple days & not doing one huge trip, eating fresh produce, frequenting the farmers market...

colors in nice

- Things I wish I could take back to the USA: chèvre, macarons, quality red wine for only a few euros, regional foods & wines, daily fresh food market only a 5 minute walk away, sunny winters, daily exposure to the French language, the French train system (even with it’s occasional irregularities), 2 hour lunches, faire la bise (the cheek-kissing greeting), old French men playing pétanque in les jardins, all my friends, & the constant challenge of listening to and speaking French...

french & food

-Things I won’t miss about France: the dog poop on the streets, massive amounts of smokers, having to figure out whether to use “tu” or “vous” with a person, lack of cozy café/bookshops where it’s not crazy to take out a laptop & get some work done aaand that's about it!

garden picnics & friends

lots of love & bises :)


the last leg of a life-changing journey

from washington d.c.....

"the hill after the hill"

KKG (and good ole lincoln)

bigger is better = america

... and back to chicago for some summertime chi





our nations capital

traveling lives on! 

i'm in america & it all feels familiar and foreign at the same time. it's very very strange. 

after a relatively uneventful flight from paris to iceland to new york, mk and i had a bit of a time getting from baggage to our hotel (various obstacles). funny how even when you're in your country and everyone speaks your language things can still go wrong. 

things i've noticed: everything really is bigger. houses, starbucks cups, yards, food supplies, cars, streets, trees...some people. the american accent isn't as grating when you're only listening to american accents. dollar bills are light. and one color. and a little bit boring. skippy peanut butter is fantastic, especially with pretzels. driving around again after 8 months came naturally & i know how to whiz around a roundabout now. people smile a lot. it's weird being able to understand everyones conversations again without having to work at it. 

i'm in dc now visiting family & friends & absolutely loving it. this was the perfect stop-over and i'm very grateful for the time i get to spend with my cousins, aunt & uncle as well as seeing some college friends in their new dc lives. 

i miss french. a lot. mk & i came into the same terminal etc that we left from so coming back was suuuupeer weird. like we were only leaving yesterday or none of this really happened. i swing between being incredibly sad to have left europe & being content being back. looking forward to being a bit of a tourist in my own country on sunday with friends! 



henry miller

america is my country and paris is my hometown

i have had two wonderful days in paris
i stayed three nights, each one with a different friend
first in malakoff with an american couple who have lived here for 25 years, she teaches english and he's an engineer. they raised their kids in paris and now have dual citizenship. i definitely consider them to be an inspiration.
my first full day in paris: breakfast in malakoff, dropped my stuff off at my home for the next night, and then off around town! walked nearly the whole blvd st germain, classy classy place that blvd. had lunch at a little brasserie, ordered my favorite salad (chevre) but it wasn't nearly as good as the ones i had down south. 
weird bike event, nearly a thousand bikers went by, taking up the whole street.
everyone was dressed up! berets, baguettes, dresses, suspenders...no clue what it was for but fun to see!
then continued walking (think i walked for over an hour)
made it to les invalides, surprisingly gorgeous!
then musée rodin
sculptures, gardens, roses, and i met an old couple from new york city on a garden bench and chatted with them awhile about paris, nyc, art
then canal st martin!
cute little canal on the right bank kinda north of the bastille
everyone was lounging outside since it was like 16 degrees (celcius)
cute bridges across the canal with quite the view - it was killing me that i have no camera!
walk along the seine...the crowds were overwhelming though so soon left that for odéon area. succumbed to starbucks and read for awhile
montparnasse area
luxembourg gardens for near-sunset!
anthony's at la place
nice dinner in and a little how i met your mother before bed
arrived at carly's this morning around 9:30 to drop off my stuff
we shopped a bit near l'opéra
then walked all the way to le marais neighborhood for a delicious falafel lunch!
ate outside in a little garden of the national library
we then split and i made my way to jardin des tulieries, walked around a bit
musée de l'orangerie! 
museum of monet, paul guillaume, rousseau, modigliani, laurencin, matisse, picasso, derain, utrillo & soutine
now my favorite musuem in paris...all of the paintings were impressive, lots of information, and a beautiful space. 
walked to the seine and took a seat on the side of the river in the sun to read & soak in the beauty for awhile
back to l'opéra and then carly's!
now resting a bit before we all go out for my last (tear) dinner in france/europe. 

à plus tard!